Ramoji Film City

October 25, 2012 at 6:37 am

Ramoji film city

Welcome to India’s own Universal Studios; the Ramoji Film City. Located at a distance of 35 km from Hyderabad along the National Highway 9 en route to Vijayawada, Ramoji Film City covers a total area of 2000 acres and is every cinema lover’s dream come true. Considered to be the largest integrated film studio complex in the entire world, Ramoji is the quintessential choice of budding as well as seasoned filmmakers when it comes to unleashing their creativity in a world filled with everything they could possibly want in order to make a blockbuster movie.

Ramoji Film City is also one of the most popular tourist attractions of Hyderabad. It offers a range of interesting activities for the entire family and is a hot spot for family picnics, extravagant weddings or romantic honeymoons. All rolled into one, Ramoji Film City is the stuff dreams are made of!

History of Ramoji Film CityRamoji Film city

Work on Ramoji Film City was started in the year 1996 by media mogul, film producer and head of the Ramoji Group of Industries, Mr. Ramoji Rao. The city was created using state of the art equipments, unlimited resources and overwhelming man power, with the cost easily topping a few hundred crores.


Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 501512

Telephone Numbers:

Contact 1: 8415246555/666

Contact 2: 9347364804

Contact 3: 9347342048

URL: http://www.ramojifilmcity.com/

Transportation Facilities:

It is an hour long drive from Hyderabad to Ramoji Film City. Visitors can choose from a myriad of transportation options, including public and private buses, private cabs or dedicated buses that are arranged by the state transportation corporation for ferrying visitors to the city and back. Direct buses are available from Koti Bus Stand (nos. 204A, 205,205A, 205B, 206, 207 and 299)

In the case of specialized buses, visitors would need to pay Rs. 175/- per person for the trip to Ramoji Film City and back. Children below 3 years can go free.


Ramoji Film City is open on all days of the week from 9.30 A.M. to 3.30 P.M. Special dance and stunt performances are held from 10.30 A.M. to 4.30 P.M.

Entrance Fee & Other Packages:

The entrance rates for Ramoji Film City are as follows:

Weekdays:     Adults: Rs. 150/-

Children: Rs. 100/- (12 years and below)

Weekends:     Adults: Rs. 200/-

Children: Rs. 150/- (12 years and below)

Entry is free for children below 3 years of age.

Best time to visit:

Summers in Hyderabad can be very hot and humid. Therefore, the best time to visit Ramoji Film City would be between the months of October-March when the winter season sets in. It would be considered wise to start early in the morning for those who wish to return back to Hyderabad at the end of the day.

Time required for covering the attraction:

An entire day would not be enough to cover Ramoji Film City. Those wishing to explore the place to their hearts’ content would need to contemplate an overnight stay. Visitors wishing to return back the same day can cover the more popular attractions.

Statues at Ramoji Film City

Other Essential Information:

It would be considered wise to carry along a couple of sun hats and shades along with sunscreen lotion in case it gets a little too hot under the sun.



Guided Tours:

Ramoji Film City operates with standard tour operators in the city to arrange specialized tour packages for visitors. The Film City offers specialized packages for visitors that would combine the entry fee with certain other special features like specialized access to studios, theme parks or festive celebrations etc.

The packages offered by the film city are as follows. The package details would be subject to change and can be checked out at http://www.ramojifilmcity.com/holidays/packages.php.

General Guided Tour                                                 :            Adult: Rs. 600/-

Child: Rs.500/- (3-12 years)

Ramoji Star Experience                                  :        Adult: Rs. 1350/-

Child: Rs. 1100/- (3-12 years)

Silver Evening Package                                   :        Adult: Rs. 700/-

Child: Rs. 600/- (3-12 years)

Gold Package (Ramoji Festive Celebrations):        Adult:Rs. 1950/-

Child: Rs. 1750/- (3-12 years)


Main Attractions of Ramoji Film City

Family Oriented Attractions

Ramoji Film City offers something new and exciting every single day. Families and couples are regularly treated to new shows and programs every time they visit and the fun doesn’t stop there. Red vintage buses are readily available to take families to some of the most popular attractions inside the city including:

Eureka: A typical Ramoji Film City style entertainment program that consists ramoji film city night viewof welcome dances, filmi parades, gymnastics, Wild West shows, and circus shows.

Ramoji Movie Magic:Ramoji film city Movie magic building A specialized tour of the various aspects of film making and its secrets, including interactive tours of shooting, special effects and soundtrack galleries; mini train rides through realistic models of London, Paris, New York and Bangkok etc., and thrilling rides in the Ramoji Towers that offer a 4-D free falling effect for visitors.

Fundustan: A specialized area for kids to roam free and enjoy surprises in the form of gardens, play areas, shows, games, puzzles, mazes and other challenges.

Dadajinn’s Ark: A video gaming parlor that offers visitors tons of interesting video games to choose from.


Wonderville: A miniature Toyland that is a dream come true for every child.


Thrillville Rides: A realistic land of adventures that would have visitors completely taken by surprise by the challenges put forth to them.



Borasura: An ancient house of magic complete with molten lava waiting to be crossed, dragons to be defeated and secrets waiting to be unearthed.


Ballerina Fount: A dancing fountain that puts up a show at regular intervals throughout the day just for kids.

Presto Magic:

  A toyshop that would cater to every

child’s whims and fancies.

Timberland: A play area specially designed for children.

Film City Backstage Tours

Ramoji Film City operates a fleet of film city coaches that literally transport visitors to the world of cinema and beyond. These tours would take visitors to different sets and shooting locations present throughout the city.

Some of the more popular film sets covered during these tours include those of lush gardens (where film songs were choreographed), jails, airports, railway stations (urban and rural), court rooms, college facades, court facades, police stations, municipality fronts, entire villages, Indian towns, international cities, palaces, Japanese gardens, period settings like Bhagavatham; temples, churches, masjids, ancient caves, waterfalls, and demolition zones etc.

Floral garden Ramoji film city

Other areas covered by these tours include prop shops, parades, the Shangrila Nursery and the Butterfly Park.

Hawa Mahal

Filming Opportunities

‘Walk in with a script. Walk out with a completed movie’, the saying goes. This holds true for Ramoji Film City where a budding artist can just walk in with a script and get everything he/she would need to make a world class feature film.

The city’s integrated film studio which is the largest in the world is spread over an area of 1666 acres and offers world class facilities like studio floors (50 in total), high tech laboratories, state of the art technology, raw films, processing labs, support systems, editing consoles, exquisite outdoor and indoor shooting locations, and travel arrangements to the same. There is plenty of room for everyone here as the studio can simultaneously handle 20 international films and 20 Indian films.

Themed Honeymoons

Ramoji Film City offers a unique opportunity for newlyweds to enjoy a one of a kind honeymoon experience in the form of video shoots, photo shoots, floral backdrops, fun games and recreational activities for the couple. These come complete with background scores, costumes and makeup assistance to make the honeymoon reel like.

Themed Weddings

Ramoji Film City is a very popular destination for celebrity weddings and offers the best in wedding planning services for visitors. Taking into account individual wishes and family traditions, the wedding support team would take care of everything from planning and organizing wedding themes, venues, entertainment programs, photo and video coverage and catering to executing all these with great gusto.

Other Notable Attractions:

Corporate Events

Ramoji Film City is well equipped to handle a range of corporate events from product launches, business meets and conventions to conferences and parties. Visitors can choose from different themes for these events and the organizers take care of the rest of the details from the venue, invites, and set décor to entertainment, catering and even transportation.


 Tara Hotel

Visitors opting to stay overnight can choose from a range of accommodation units, each well equipped and tailor made to pamper guests. The options include royal and theme suites at the SITARA luxury hotel, elegant rooms at the TARA economy hotels, and shared dormitories (both AC and Non AC) at the SAHARA super economy hotel.


RestaurantSitara hotel Ramoji Film City

Visitors to Ramoji Film City never need to go hungry. The city offers its guests a range of world class restaurants that serve delectable cuisines from around the world. These include the period style CHANAKYA vegetarian outlet, the ALAMPANA open air restaurant serving Awadhi cuisine, the Wild West style GUN SMOKE eatery, the film oriented SUPERSTAR restaurant, the Bollywood themed DIL SE restaurant and finally, JIMMY’S DRIVE IN that serves retro styled fast food.

Attractions nearby Ramoji Film City:

Ramoji Film City is located close to the Mount Opera Theme Park and Resort (4.2 km)


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